Lose weight by saying “Goodbye” to snacking

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“I can’t resist; I just can’t help it…”. Who hasn’t already said these words when they’re about to do something even though they’re going to regret it…? Like compulsive eating in the form of snacking, and even binge eating. As if something stronger than you, and something stronger than everything was attacking your body and your common sense.

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This compulsive urge to eat something sweet, or savoury, sometimes any old thing at any time, sometimes particular foods like chocolate, bread, cheese, salami, sometimes when you get home from work and sometimes even in the night. Snacking can hide behind children’s after-school snacks or during the preparation of meals. This session is going to treat this dependence nice and gently so as not to replace it with another one. You’re going to feel more stable and calmer, and you’re not going to think obsessively about food any more. Naturally, you’ll forget about snacking. This bad habit will be put on the scrap heap. Not only will you feel free and wonderfully good, but it’s highly likely that you’ll lose a few kilos.

Listen and wave goodbye to snacking.

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2 reviews for Lose weight by saying “Goodbye” to snacking

  1. Jen Y

    Overnight, my bad habits disappeared. I lost 5 kg just by stopping the snacking. A big thank you

  2. Mary A.

    I no longer snack and think about eating all the time like I used to. Thank you

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