Overcome amaxophobia and regain the freedom of driving again


You’ve got your driving licence but you’re afraid of driving? Whatever this phobia stems from, it paralyses you. It makes it difficult, and even impossible for you, to be alone behind the wheel, and even at times, to be a passenger. Hypnosis acts on the subconscious by healing the cause of this anxiety, and restoring the homeostasis within you.

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Your behaviour is going to change thanks to this hypnosis session. Calmed and balanced, you’re going to go behind the wheel again or be a passenger in a rational way, without any negative emotions; quite the opposite, you’re going to enjoy it.

This paralysing episode will then be a thing of the past. With this session, your road is all mapped out.

Listen, and let yourself be transported in order to be the pilot of your subconscious.

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