Slim rather than put on weight during lockdown or when working home


Behind the word “lockdown” hides another word: “restriction”. In fact, our subconscious doesn’t like being prevented from doing something and from being forced to do without something. It will consequently put compensatory behaviour in place. And what could be easier and nicer than food?

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Lockdown is an opportunity to go on social media, to watch television more, to have your children at home, to cook up nice dishes, the cooking craze, etc. A whole environment that conditions us to eat more, to eat between meals, and to fill ourselves up to have something to do, to comfort ourselves and to treat ourselves.

And all this is made worse by the pyjama, track suit bottom and legging effect. They’re so comfortable but so treacherous too. Add to that the sedentary lifestyle and the subliminal message of the upper echelons on its notion of what is essential, and which is represented mainly by food. The ideal recipe for putting on weight. If you are one of those people who already has a weight problem or who is afraid of putting on weight, it is therefore time to make the most of lockdown or working from home, to sort it out once and for all.

There’s no limit to the number of times you can listen to this hypnosis session during your lockdown period, in order to take advantage of this time to become lighter instead of heavier. You’re going to feel full up more, and will therefore eat less, just like that, without thinking about it. You’re going to be attracted to healthy food with a low calorie content. You’re going to prefer quality to quantity. Occupations which are much better both for your figure and your morale are going to appeal to you. Lockdown is the opportunity for you to do yourself good rather than harm, and to lose weight rather than gain it.

Listen, and be your body’s top chef!

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