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What is hypnotherapy?

The term hypnosis refers to both altered states of consciousness, the therapeutic practices used during that state, and the techniques used to create that state (called induction techniques).

When an individual is in a state of hypnosis, his or her perceptions are altered from their ordinary state. The characteristics of these states are varied, in particular: loss of space-time references, hallucinations, analgesia, anesthesia, etc. A person’s hypnotic experience depends on his or her personality, the context, the method used, the suggestions made, the depth of the hypnotic induction, and other parameters.

A person can also develop spontaneous hypnosis or induce his or her own hypnosis. This is called self-hypnosis.

What is the unconscious?

The unconscious part of the mind is 7000 times more powerful than the conscious part. Allowing more effective and faster results than a classic therapy. The unconscious is an infinite reservoir of resources.

Does hypnosis work on me?

The unconscious part of the mind is 7000 times more powerful than the conscious part. Allowing more effective and faster results than a classic therapy. The unconscious is an infinite reservoir of resources.

mp3 sessions

If I download several different sessions, can I listen to them alternately? Are they compatible?

Each session is complementary and designed to respect each individual’s value system. On the contrary, alternating different sessions will reinforce the achievement of your goal. That’s why I’ve provided packs. For example, you may be overweight and have trouble sleeping. In this case, I invite you to listen to one session one evening, and another one the next day. It is highly recommended!

I feel like I fell asleep, is it still effective?

Falling asleep is positive, it is a sign of letting go. Do not confuse falling asleep with “blanking”. These sessions are powerful and some people can dive so deeply into hypnosis that they will have a kind of “blank”, a total or partial amnesia of what they have heard. Ideally, you should return to the awake state at the end of the session, as this will prove your receptivity to the suggestions, including those for returning to the conscious state. For this, I invite you to listen to your session a little earlier in the day. Of course, people who have sleep disorders can listen to an mp3 at bedtime.

Is it a subscription?

Not at all! It is a no obligation purchase and you are the full owner of your product.

Is this a one-time purchase?

No ! The big advantage is that you can use it in unlimited!

How many times should I listen to an MP3 session to get results?

Each person is unique. It’s like a private meeting. This can be between 1 to 10 listenings, preferably in the evening, so that the unconscious continues the work during sleep, and this for a week. Listening brings a wonderful state of well-being and you can listen to an MP3 session as much as you want without any particular objective, just for the pleasure, it’s safe!

How long does an MP3 session last?

A session lasts about 30 minutes. I recommend that you set aside a little more time to take full advantage of the benefits of the session.

What makes your MP3 sessions better than others?

Corinne Cloix’s level of expertise is recognized. You can find many testimonies on this site, on google and on social networks.

The sessions are recorded with professional equipment, which enhances the hypnotic tone of my voice. We had our own music composed to accompany the music so that it would be in harmony with the quality of the scripts and my voice. The editing is done in the studio by expert sound engineers.


In a pack, there is a book and three sessions. In what order and how often should I do it?

These mp3 sessions are a reflection of my individual sessions. The only difference is that we can’t synchronize, so we have to listen more to the MP3s.

You can listen to the same MP3 once or twice a day. It can be in a different order each day, or the same one for 3 days, then another one, the next 3 days. If it is possible for you, you can listen to a session twice a day. If you opt for a pack, I recommend reading the book included in it, first. It is highly acclaimed by the media and contributes greatly to your success. It acts on the conscious part of your mind, while MP3s act on the unconscious part. Respect your rhythm, and use this pack until you feel a great well-being inside you, and the rest will follow.

How long do I have to use my pack to get results?

Stick to your rhythm and use your pack until you notice changes or those around you notice them. The book should be close to you and you will have to reread passages. You own your pack and you can use it as you wish and listen to a session from time to time if needed. Each person is unique, and while some may have only listened to a session once to wean themselves off of sugar for example, others may need to listen to it every day for a week. Sometimes the results are immediate and sometimes with a delayed effect.

If I opt for a package, is it useful to order an individual session in addition, to guarantee my success?

If you choose a package, the solution is complete. On the other hand, nothing prevents you from doing an individual session but it is not essential. You will understand why by reading the book included in the pack.

In order to accompany each person as best as possible, I answer emails, messenger, and ensure a free telephone response as much as possible.

Any questions?

If you can’t find a question in our FAQ, you can always contact us. We will answer you as soon as possible!

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