Release Pheromones and Oxytocin to attract love

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This hypnosis session is designed for attracting love and creating a long-lasting bond after meeting someone. Hypnosis will act on your body so that it radiates pheromones and creates a connection with the reptilian brain, as well as releasing the hormone oxytocin which behaves like neuropeptides in the brain.

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And what if love at first sight and emotional bonds were more chemical than romantic? Use neuroscience in order to unconsciously release hormones that inspire confiance, and act like a love potion. Whether you’re a man or a woman, be irresistible and be the embodiment of love, and the passion you dream about.

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2 reviews for Release Pheromones and Oxytocin to attract love

  1. Donna W

    My little pleasant moment. I dream. I feel good. I feel like anything is possible. It feels so good.

  2. Tara P

    I believe in hypnosis and especially in Corinne’s wonderful voice and words. Thank you

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