Love Package

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Package Contents:

3 MP3 Sessions:

  • Attract love, your perfect life partner
  • Release Pheromones and Oxytocin to attract love
  • Happy in love at last

You feel ready for love happiness. This pack is your love coach. It will be a real booster to make you magnetic, and attract love, the true love.

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Although you can listen to the 3 sessions in your preferred order, I invite you to start with “Happy in love at last” This session will help you build your self-esteem, and fall in love with yourself first!
You can then listen to “Attract love, your perfect life partner”, to encourage magical encounters, which we believe to be fortuitous but are not. They are the fruit of your unconscious mind which makes you go to the right place at the right time… This session pierces the mystery of synchronicities commonly called serendipity. The last session will promote the release of hormones to become a magnet. You will not go unnoticed, and with this pack, the one you love will soon cross your destiny.

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