Summer Body Package

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3 MP3 Sessions :

  • Summer Body
  • Lose weight by saying “Goodbye” to snacking
  • Reach your ideal weight

Imagine that you have a body fit for summer, and can parade at the beach showing off abs, pecs, a shapely, light and toned figure. But to do this, your life will turn into a nightmare: you have to train hard, have a strict diet, and do it every day! What if  hypnosis sessions could turn your life from hell to heaven?

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As hypnosis acts on the unconscious, you will fall in love with yourself, with your body, and it is naturally, as a matter of course, that you will want to take care of it, by practicing physical activity, by eating healthy, by adopting new habits. And as all these changes will occur first of all inside, it is in an almost automatic way that your behaviors will change, and thus your physical appearance, to embody the naiad or the apollo which slumbers in you.

Prepare your body for the summer and for the whole year, without sacrifice, without torment, without special effort.

Listen to and affirm your inner beauty.

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