Overcoming Dentophobia


This session is for all those who have a fear of going to the dentists. Whatever the cause of your fear is (pain, injections, instruments, noises, being apprehensive about a new treatment, being afraid of getting bad news, etc.), anxiety paralyses you. It’s likely that you put off making an appointment, even if it’s only for a simple routine check-up, and that you experience this moment of treatment as if it were an ordeal. What if, after listening to this session, you were to go to the dentists as if you were going to a spa — light-hearted, confident, and delighted to be taking care of yourself…? And what if, during your treatment, you were sitting in a magic chair that takes you on a journey into a wonderful and pleasant world, rather than being in a dentist’s chair…? And what if, when you came home, you remained calm and at ease, as if part of you were still continuing your journey, so that your mouth could be free of pain when the effect of the anaesthetic wore off…? You can listen to this session before your appointment for treatment, and even during it.

Listen, and escape reality, to get your teeth into life and live it to the full!

30 minutes of hypnosis to listen instantly and unlimited.

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These sessions are ideal for the discovery of hypnosis or to support an ongoing therapy. You will regularly find different themes to meet your specific needs. Whether you are receptive or not to hypnosis, Corinne Cloix’s voice will guide you, in complete safety, towards your goal.


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