Getting over heartache

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This hypnosis session is designed to help with getting over heartache. Falling in love is not limited to a certain age group, or a certain sex, and neither is heartache. It can be the result of a break up, but also of geographical distance, or simply an argument.

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Whatever the cause of this heartache, and whether the situation is irreversible or not, it is indicative of an older wound of the heart. The person suffering from heartache is often misunderstood and those around them can want to stimulate them, and even to shake them up to help them to bounce back. But it’s pointless. Sometimes, heartache is so intense that it’s crippling. People can sink into a gloom that affects their health and their work. They’re drowned in sorrow. Hypnosis will take effect on the subconscious part of the suffering mind whose deeper wounds are reopened by the situation. These wounds prevent the person from being rational and from doing what’s necessary either to bring about a reconciliation, a restoration of friendly relations, or to turn the page permanently, which is recommended in the case of a toxic relationship. Listening to this session will help you to feel yourself again by treating the cause of your heartache, and healing the older wound so that it doesn’t happen again. You’re going to listen to this session and feel much better, and see the future of this relationship and your intentions more clearly.

By listening, you’ll be reborn.

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2 reviews for Getting over heartache

  1. Kelly N

    I was very unhappy and desperate. Thanks to this session that I listened to every night for 1 week, it’s amazing. I feel so good. I am reborn. Thanks to you

  2. Rebecca S

    Beautiful, comforting and enveloping session.

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