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Pass your exams


This hypnosis session is intended for pupils and students of all ages, and is suitable for all types of exam (tests, GCSEs, A levels, baccalaureate, technical or university exams, etc.).

This hypnosis session is designed to help in the passing of exams. It will help you to develop your self-confidence, and to be relaxed and energised. You will also increase your concentration and mobilise your resources in order to free your memory and your analytical capacities. You’re going to manage stress better and optimise your time. For the whole time the paper lasts, you will be at the peak of your intellectual capacity and with the best attitude possible in order to reply to the questions with accuracy. You’re going to put yourself in the perspective of success and achievement.

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These sessions are ideal for the discovery of hypnosis or to support a therapy in course. You will find regularly, different themes to meet your needs precise. Whether you are receptive or not to hypnosis, the voice of Corinne Cloix, will know how to guide you, in complete safety, towards the achievement of your goal. Please visit our website regularly to discover our new products.



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