A session to get through the 5 stages of the grieving process as best you can.

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Whatever the loss weighing you down (a person, a situation, a belonging) and however strong the bond is between you and what you no longer have, you will go through the denial stage, because this loss is so shocking that you can’t believe it. This will then be followed by the anger stage, linked to a feeling of injustice and a lack of understanding, which masks a deep sorrow. The next stage is the bargaining stage, giving you the illusion that by making a promise, this person will stay. By means of this illusion, you search not to mask pain any more but to ease it. This process then leads to the depression stage where you see the harsh reality face to face. This is a particularly difficult period, because it seems endless and creates a feeling of guilt, sadness and distress. This long road of grieving will continue into the acceptance phase where you embark on the road to recovery, as if you had tamed the loss and were learning to live with this experience. It’s then that you regain energy and the desire to move forward. In this session, all the stages will be dealt with by means of a metaphor, so enabling you to grieve more comfortably. You will hold onto the good memories and what you learn from this experience, and restore a certain inner peace. Listening to this session will soothe your pain and reduce the time your grieving lasts. You’re going to be more focussed on the present moment and you’re going to feel gratitude. Subconsciously, you will know how to transform this ordeal into a better ability to be happy.

Listen and experience a happy ending…

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