Getting over a divorce

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This hypnosis session is designed to bounce back from a divorce. This ordeal of life is all the more difficult, as the suffering is experienced before, during, and after the divorce. The damage is emotional, material and financial. It is important to take care of oneself, especially in the case of children, involving the fact of having to stay in touch with the ex-spouse.

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This hypnosis session will allow you to mourn your past life and heal your emotional wounds. By regaining your self-confidence, you will rebuild yourself, find yourself strengthened, independent, authentic, recognize yourself, and rebound into a new life on a healthy basis. Not acting on your unconscious could lead to the same pattern being repeated with the next partner and more generally to unconsciously nourish toxic links. Sometimes, even when the divorce is long over, conflicts persist and impact the children as well as your well-being. It’s as if divorce and its evils were part of you and your life. Thanks to this session, you will be able to take a step back, make healthy choices, have a favorable attitude to preserve your new balance and find happiness.

Listen and agree to be happy.

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2 reviews for Getting over a divorce

  1. Susan

    Very pleasant and especially powerful. Go for it! Trust Corinne.

  2. Tracy J

    How good it feels. Corinne’s voice and words go beyond comfort. Thank you so much.

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