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Sugar – Free yourself from this addiction!

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This hypnosis session is designed to free you from your addiction to sugar, which is found in food and in drinks, both soft and alcoholic.

Apart from losing a few kilos, giving up sugar helps you to have a nicer skin, to be in a good mood, to have improved morale, to keep healthy, to regain energy, to strengthen your immune system and to protect your teeth. There is no limit to the number of times you can listen to this session. It is suitable to be used as part of a nutritional rebalancing programme. For long-lasting effects, and added comfort, this session treats the origin of the addiction.

Sink into your subconscious and enjoy yourself.

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4 reviews for Sugar – Free yourself from this addiction!

  1. Brend A

    If you don’t believe in hypnosis. Try this session and you will discover Corinne’s talent.

  2. April O

    Very effective! I don’t eat anything sweet anymore. It made me lose 5 kg. Very happy!

  3. Deborah

    I’ve listened twice and I don’t touch sugar at all anymore!

  4. Janet

    Excellent, powerful, pleasant, and above all, no more cakes, sweets or sodas. And everything is fine. Just thank you.

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