All my secrets for peace Revealed (ebook)


Ebook version of the book  All My Secrets for Peace Revealed

There is a life before and a life after reading this book that delivers all the secrets to be at peace, and what makes Corinne Cloix’s sessions so successful. A profound book, revealing who we are, that makes us feel good, that makes us aware that everything is possible, that there is gold in our hands, in our hearts, and that we can be at peace and happy.

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This book is rare and precious. We keep it close to us. You read a chapter, a quote, a testimony, here and there, and you feel better. Whatever our concern, we find the answer. It is a real antidote to stress and malaise.

You will discover the whole truth about conflicts and how to free yourself from them. At the end of each chapter, a mantra to be repeated to oneself, to be autonomous in one’s personal growth, which is perfectly combined with the practice of hypnosis, according to the complete and irrefutable method of Corinne Cloix, who reveals herself full of love, authentic and humble. She really gives us all her secrets which can also be used by professionals of human accompaniment. Each chapter is supported by concrete examples. Love being the main thread. This book makes you grow. You no longer have an excuse for not being at peace, finally! With this powerful book, you will get to know yourself better and make essential changes, take a good look at yourself, and thus be reborn…

Corinne Cloix is successful because she embodies what she advocates. If it works on her, it will work on you! This book is like being in front of the Mona Lisa. Wherever you are, you feel that he is watching you…

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