A Gastric Sleeve as if it were real!

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Obesity is a public health problem associated with a great many illnesses. Sometimes, surgery is recommended for weight loss. But it involves risks. So before taking the plunge, have you tried hypnosis? What if, to start with, bariatric surgery was in your subconscious?

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This session will immerse you in an operating theatre to have a gastric sleeve. After this session, your stomach will only be able to contain a small quantity of food. The good thing about this hypnosis session is that the cause of the problem of obesity will be treated. Obviously, hypnosis doesn’t replace medicine but it’s a wonderful complement to it. So, if you’ve already had surgery (a gastric sleeve, a gastric bypass, or a gastric band), this session can give you support as you lose weight.  Hypnosis is your virtual reality – it has a very real effect, even if the operation is a pretend one.

Listen, and reduce your BMI with total peace of mind.

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2 reviews for A Gastric Sleeve as if it were real!

  1. ML

    Great! This session is great. Everything is said. As if it was made for me. -4 kg in 10 days!

  2. UK

    Wonderful session. So much well-being. And already a size of clothing in less.

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